Coloma-Lotus Association of Merchants

P.O. Box 608
Coloma, CA 95613

Meeting Minutes, January 11, 2000

The CLAM meeting came to order Tuesday evening, January 11, 2000, at 6 p.m. Thanks to Two Feather's Trading Post for hosting the meeting. In attendance were Dee Allen, Frank Bechtel, Cindi Ehrgott, Jan Murphy, Manny Shaffer, Bruce Smith, Donna McMaster. The December minutes were approved.

Meeting dates: Elaine Baden (CCK) has a conflict for the first Tuesday of each month. Agreed to contact Elaine and find out whether she would be able to come regularly if we move it to the second Tuesday of each month. If so, we will move to that date, otherwise we will stay with the first Tuesdays. (Note: Cindi contacted Elaine, and we are now scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, at 6 p.m.)

Meeting notices: Agreed that we will send postcards quarterly instead of monthly, listing the next three meetings. These postcards will go to members only. Members who use email can receive email notices instead of postcards. Then once or twice a year we can do a membership drive.

Web site maintenance: The group asked Donna if she could post minutes, upcoming events and meetings on the CLAM web site. Donna asked if CLAM would be willing to pay a nominal amount for this service (all work and hosting for the CLAM site to date has been free). The group agreed to pay up to $20/month.

Christmas in Coloma: We just broke even because we over-ordered donuts. Would have had more traffic if we were in the mall. How can we ensure that the booth is in a prime spot next year? Manny moved that CLAM join the GDPA, unanimous okay. A letter of thanks was sent to Mr. Barsotti for his generous donation of 10 gallons of delicious apple cider.

Rummage sale: Frank will contact the Grange first, Fire Station 2nd regarding use of their facilities. He will also invite the Grange to join the CLAM. Preferred dates, in order: 3/11, 2/26, 3/18.

Easter egg hunt: We will do this on Saturday, April 22, the day before Easter. Cindi Ehrgott is chair.

Music concerts: We are planning two for the summer -- July 4th and one other. Jan is leading the effort, and Postmaster Lynn Klasch has offered to help. We need to confirm with Ken Simmons. Manny has a contact with a good band; he will check on them.

Community Christmas tree: Cindi suggested that we ask Ken Simmons investigate planting a fir tree as a community Christmas tree, in the location where the Park puts its Christmas tree each year. The CLAM could host a Christmas tree lighting and decorating ceremony. Cindi moved to donate $200 toward the cost of the tree and decoration. Unanimous okay, we will send a letter to the Park, copy to GDPA, pledge $200.

Sister city: Donna reported that Clunes, Australia, has asked to become Coloma's sister city. Clunes is site of the first gold discovery in Australia. They are hosting a "Coloma Day" on January 24. Donna received an email from Timothy Hayes in Clunes; they are working with the Park on the sister city proposal.

Treasury: Aaron reported that our bank balance is approximately $2600.

Member updates: Manny Shaffer reported that he is no longer working for Coloma Resort/Coloma Outdoor Discovery School. He will be doing land-use consulting.

The members sent their condolences and flowers to Vickey Moreno on the recent loss of her daughter.

Next meeting: February 8, 2000, 6 p.m., at American Heritage Real Estate.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna McMaster