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Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2010

LocationSierra Nevada House
AttendeesHoward Penn (Sierra Nevada House), Marjorie Sanborn (Coloma Country Inn), Sara Schwartz Kendall (Brainwork), Carol Fallon (Olde Coloma Theatre), Dominic Pugliese (DP Realtor, Ponderosa RV Park), Christie Pugliese (Venezio / Ponderosa) Deborah Kruse (Community member), Mark Hamlin (Eden Vale)
AuthorSara Schwartz Kendall
StatusApproved November 9, 2010

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
The minutes of the last meeting on September 14 were reviewed. No corrections or objections were made.


Budget was discussed including:

• American River Music Festival Chamber fundraiser tickets: $1,000 sold

• Budget discussion. We are within budget, but it is not balanced - - - we have a negative cash flow. We are trying to minimize that negative as much as possible to have a balanced budget


Coordinator Report
• Storage items moved, thanks to Sierra Rizing and Ponderosa Resort for storing them
• Membership (past and current) have been informed that membership drive will be this fall
• Christie Pugliese has been assembling a team to get the Guide ready in our new earlier timeline

President report
• Discussion of a Chamber event that we create new or build on something existing


• Membership Drive - The group agreed to:
o Keep ad prices the same in the Guide
o Raise membership fees for the first time in about six years by $15 in each of the three categories (Marjorie made the motion, Deborah seconded, all approved)
o Promote Associate Memberships of community members since the Chamber supports CL News and community website listings, of $20/year. These memberships can be started at any time in the year. Community participation in Chamber community projects is desired.
o Add a category in the drive of Non-Coloma-Lotus non-competing businesses which may join and/or advertise with a $25 surcharge, provided:
• They are approved by the Membership Committee and/or competing business owners
• A policy be developed spelling out process and the geographic area of the CL Valley and brought back to the group for discussion and approval
o Timeline approved:
• Early Bird discount of 10% by 11/15
• Close membership and items for the guide 12/15
• NOTE: Businesses who want Betty Sederquist to design their ads will communicate with her directly and be billed by her for that service
o Budget: estimates are being gathered for printing costs of different sizes and quantities

• Coloma-Lotus Guide for 2011
o Christie will take on the Editor job for a small stipend, and has already started work on the project
o We will have businesses check their listings, ads, and chart entries in the Guide as part of the membership drive.

• Chamber Projects
o Highway 49 Beautification / C-L Icon/ community image/ Branding / Info Booth & Kiosk " Deborah Kruse will draft a short solicitation for committee participants and Sara SK will distribute it to our membership

o "American River Media Day” and other event ideas including a whitewater park in Lotus were discussed


• Christmas in Coloma " Chamber leading a tree lighting was discussed
• Sponsorship of Toe Up Cup at ARR in September was discussed
• Marjorie reported that an area Wedding Showcase has been scheduled for January 15, 2011 with many local businesses participating. Chamber agreed to participate as a sponsor, with no monetary costs associated.


• Marketing Committee " options for updating our websites without a thorough overhaul at this time was discussed, as was the need to begin the website buyout process and making the blogs active again

Future Meetings (second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm)
November 9th at Coloma Country Inn
December 14th at the Olde Coloma Theatre
** Winter Holiday Party on January __? at Eden Vale Inn
February 8th at Casita del Oro
March 8th at _____________________________________________________
April 12th at Ponderosa Resort
May 10th at _____________________________________________________
June 14th at _____________________________________________________
There being no additional business: