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Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2010

LocationDavid Girard Vineyards
AttendeesHoward Penn (Sierra Nevada House), Marjorie and Craig Sanborn (Coloma Country Inn), Sara Schwartz Kendall (Brainwork), Judy Colllingsworth (David Girard), Dominic Pugliese (Ponderosa RV Park), Deborah Kruse (Community member), Betty Sederquist (Betty Sederquist Photography), Teal Triolo (Sierra Rizing)
AuthorSara Schwartz Kendall
StatusApproved October 12, 2010

Approval of Meeting Minutes:

The minutes of the last meeting on June 8 were reviewed. No corrections or objections were made.


Budget was discussed including:

• American River Music Festival Chamber fundraiser tickets: $330 sold to date, Howard will send another reminder to the community

• In general, we are a little under but not too much considering our donations to the Music Festival


Coordinator Report
• It is good to be a regular, reliable contact to members of the public who want to visit as well as to be of support to our membership.

• Mid-Summer Night Mixer was a nice gathering for 15 or so members in the busy part of the year " thanks to Deborah Kruse for coordinating & Venezio Vineyards for hosting the event.

• Guide distribution report " two comprehensive deliveries were made. All Guides that we have printed have been delivered with $280 of the delivery budget left over and rolled over into the Coordinator budget.

• Staying within Coordinator budget: $1,580 is left which at $15/hour is 124 hours, or an average of 9 hours/week for the rest of the calendar year.

President report
• We need to have a Secretary. Marjorie Sanborn nominated Sara Schwartz Kendall, Deborah Kruse seconded, all in favor.

Storage locker " we decided to stop paying over $500/year to store mostly Easter Egg hunt items, and are looking for volunteers to store Chamber items.
• Nic Pugliese will store the Guides when they are next printed, and a few other items
• Teal Triolo will store the chafing dishes and easy-up tent and related items
• Jane Phillips will be asked if she can store the Egg Hunt items
• Marjorie Sanborn will store Betty Sederquist photos

Membership Drive staffing - Heather Shakespeare has taken full-time work in the fall and will have minimal availability for the drive. Sara Schwartz Kendall will lead the drive.


• Chamber Projects

o Coloma-Lotus Guide for 2011
• Timeline: Work needs to start now
• We need a volunteer coordinating editor now. There may be a stipend available. We will check again with members who may be interested, and Betty will look into getting an intern for the job.
• We will have businesses check their listings (and ads) as part of the membership drive.
• Businesses will be invited to write articles as part of the upcoming membership letter.
• There have been suggestions to change the layout of the Guide map. Options will be explored.
• Betty is greatly reducing her involvement to just graphic production. She will need all pieces by the end of November.
• It was noted that the Guide is being more widely distributed, such as Reno, Grass Valley, etc.

o Info Booth & Kiosk " needs a leader

o Hwy 49 Beautification
Deborah Kruse presented a suggested timeline for getting community input on a Coloma Lotus Valley Image / Icon. This could be done in person or via online surveys. She was encouraged to proceed and to head this project.

o Cell tower " Verizon has been approved between Mt. Packard and Mt. Murphy, will go active in October-November

o Broadband " Howard has talked with ATT about bringing broadband down from Gold Hill but it won’t be coming to us any time soon. In 3-6 months Sierra Advantage should have some different technology in place that may be of use.

o “Coloma Lotus Open House,” “American River Media Day,” or some such, for all tourist industries " if it were to happen in spring of 2011, it would need a leader and to start now.


• 2010 Membership Drive

o Policies for Membership: Pricing structure was reviewed, a payment plan mentioned, and a different rate for out-of-area members was considered

o Timeline
• Work needs to start now. Sara SK will head it up and seek volunteer participation " especially in enlisting new members.
• Howard will write a letter to members to start the drive. Mailing cost will be about $100 and this was judged desirable by attendees, to make sure members are adequately communicated with. Emails will follow the print mailing, including a link for online registration.
• Members will be asked to fact check their online and Guide listings and ads for accuracy as they renew.

• David Girard Arts and Cultural Center Proposal " Judy presented that they have a proposed permanent structure replacing their large event tent (pending permits). She requested letters of support. The Chamber has agreed to write one.

• Business Walk " The group decided to participate in El Dorado County’s process of interviewing area businesses and putting the information into their statistical database. This can help C-L get more visibility and attention from the County. We can add questions for our own use.

• A C-L Wedding Showcase has been proposed for the weekend after Valentine’s Day in 2011.


• Marketing Committee

o Coloma Website

• Marjorie reported from the Marketing Committee that the and websites are being reviewed, and a proposal and purchase agreement needs to be reviewed in further discussion.

• Howard reported that Donna is willing to sell the websites to the Chamber and has made several proposals to do so. A decision will be made over the next several months.

FUTURE MEETINGS (second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm)

October 12th at Sierra Nevada House
November 9th at Coloma Country Inn
December 14th at __________________________________________________
** Winter Holiday Party in January at ?
January 11th at _____________________________________________________
February 8th at Casita del Oro
March 8th at _____________________________________________________
April 12th at Ponderosa Resort
May 10th at _____________________________________________________
June 14th at _____________________________________________________