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Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2010

LocationSierra Rizing
AttendeesHoward Penn (Sierra Nevada House), Marjorie Sanborn (Coloma Country Inn), Mark Hamlin (Eden Vale), Dan Crandall (Current Adventures & River Store), Denise Paine (Coyote Designs), Ken Dacus (Gold Hill), Matt Semonsen (American River Music Festival), Nick Pugliese (Ponderosa Resort), Christie Pugliese (Venezio Winery), Deborah Kruse (Community member), Sara Schwartz Kendall (Brainwork!), Kristiana Spaulding (Silver Trailer), Jinnah Benn (Lotus Valley Natives)
AuthorSara Schwartz Kendall
StatusApproved September 14, 2010

Guest Jeremy McReynolds, Marshall Gold State Historic Park Superintendent, came to meet us all, reported that the park is now open 7 days a week. Lessons learned from closing the park will be useful in future park strategies. He is open to working with the local community on various projects.

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
The minutes of the last meeting on May 10 were not available for review.


Budget discussed including:
• White Water Media Day: suggested to become “Coloma Lotus Open House,” “American River Media Day,” or some such, for all tourist industries, to resume in spring of 2011
• Possibility of American River Music Festival Chamber fundraiser tickets adding maybe $1K to the budget


President report: Heather wants to keep working the Membership Drive and Ad Sales project, but pass onto someone else the other Coordinator tasks.


• Mixers: Deborah Kruse led discussion of a summer mixer, will suggest dates. Venezio Winery and Gold Rush raft camp were suggested as locations. Sara SK will help with the mixer.

• Directory distribution: Sara SK distributed 52 bundles with advice from Bob Dalton, and realized that we only have 22 bundles left. We’ll wait and see if that number suffices. It’s possible to get some back from Jodi at the ED Chamber.

• Chamber Projects:
1) Info Booth & Kiosk: still reviewing options
2) Hwy 49 Beautification: no report?
3) Communications:
a) Cell tower approved, will go active in October
b) Broadband: Howard talked with ATT about bringing broadband down from Gold Hill


1) Donna McMaster: volunteer projects she’s letting go:
a) Am R Festival Website: passed to Dan Crandall
b) passed on to ARC
c) CL News: to be moved to Yahoo or Google Groups, under the website that will be the valley’s admin and community website

2) Sara SK: Greening of the CL Valley - encouraging all businesses to do one more ecologically and socially good thing in the course of business over the summer; come fall, interested in working with the community to make CL a green destination


1) Marketing Committee: Interactive presentation on websites

• Website Committee: Dan Crandall, Denise Paine, Ken Dacus, Marjorie Sanborn, Mark Hamlin, Matt Semonsen

• Marketing Committee: Jinnah Bean, Judy Bacci (not present), Christie Pugliese, Linda Young (not present), Deborah Kruse, Betty Sederquist (not present)

“The Website Committee, a sub-Committee of the CLCC Marketing Committee, is authorized, and carries the responsibility, to design, build and contract for a new Tourism Website for the CLCC. This motion authorizes $5,000 in funds, $2,500 to be released now, and another $2,500 shall be released after the Website Committee presents a design and asks for feedback from the CLCC.”

Marjorie made motion, Dan Crandall seconded, all in favor

The CLCC will enter a website maintenance agreement with Donna McMaster in the amount of $1,350 through 12/31/2010

Marjorie made the motion, Mark 2nded, all in favor.

FUTURE MEETINGS at 6:30pm: locations to be assigned in September

• Sept 14 at David Girard Vineyards