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Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2010

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesBob Dalton, Tricia Dovenberg, Carol Fallon, Mark Hamlin, Deborah Kruse, Howard Penn, Craig Sanborn, Marjorie Sanborn, Matt Semonsen, Maria Williams
AuthorBob Dalton

Call to Order: 6:45 PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
The minutes of the last meeting on February 9 were not available for review.

Marjorie Sanborn reported that the chamber has about $28,000 on deposit in its El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce bank account. The River City Bank account will be closed soon and the remaining funds in it (about $300) will be transferred to the EDCCC bank account. Future budget expenditures will be approved by "whoever shows up" on a consistent basis at chamber business meetings.

Easter Egg Hunt:
The traditional Easter egg hunt will again be hosted by CLCC at Marshall Gold Discovery Park at high noon on Saturday, April 3.
The coordinators are Julie Boucher and Jane Phillips Widroe. Volunteers are still needed to stuff plastic eggs, setup and run the event.

Meeting Format:
Plan is to schedule chamber business meetings every three months with social mixer type meetings at other times in different locations.

Membership Drive:
The annual membership drive is going well with 114 members to date generating revenue of about $4400 with $500 in outstanding payments. Ad sales revenue is $2700 with $1000 due. Complimentary memberships for government and non-profit organizations (about 15) are being reviewed for consolidation and elimination where not useful.

Coloma Lotus Guide:
The layout of the upcoming annual edition of the Coloma Lotus Guide was presented by Howard Penn for comment. The front page story will be recreation on the American River. Internal content will be as in previous years with more ads, improved map page and less listing pages.

Status of the and websites was discussed. The owner, Donna McMaster, is planning to be in the area next week and meet with Howard, Heather, Mark and Marjorie,

American River Music Festival;
Matt Semonsen requested marketing support from CLCC, such as, selling tickets for this year's event. Subject was referred to the Marketing committee for further investigation and reporting back at another meeting.

Gold Discovery Park Association:
Marjorie Sanborn proposed events in State Park to be sponsored by GDPA:
Car show on July 10
Farmer's markets in August and September
Halloween cemetery tour
Adopt-a-house Christmas decorations.


Highway 49 Beautification:
Not going to happen because of Caltrans restrictions

Gateway Signs:
No new reports from Deborah Kruse

Communications Infrastructure:
No new developments on telephone cell towers and broadband data services.

Community Organizational Development Proposals:
Collaboration with CLVCA on “Go LoCo” projects, such as, a bike corral
Community newsletter in electronic format published monthly with local contributors, sponsored by CLCC
Coloma-Lotus Valley cooperative omnibus organization, sponsored by county district supervisor, Ron Briggs


The Marketing committee, headed by MarlkHamlin and Matt Semonsen, will meet as required and report back to chamber business meetings.

The requirements for business membership in the CLCC are still as follows:
Principally conducting business or providing services in the Coloma-Lotus geographical area
Out of area businesses that do not compete with existing businesses, reviewed on a case-by-case basis

April 13, 6:30 PM, location TBD
May 11, ? ?
June 8, ? ?

Adjournment: 8:55 PM