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Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2009

LocationEden Vale Inn
AttendeesJudy Bacchi, Scott Chad, Bob Dalton, Mark Hamlin, Deborah Kruse, Timothy Miller, Denise Pane, Howard Penn, Bolet Salvador, Marjorie Sanborn, Betty Sederquist, Kristiana Spaulding, Teal Triolo, Lynda Young
AuthorBob Dalton
StatusApproved November 9, 2009

Call to Order: 7:05 PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
September 8, 2009: Corrections are required so approval is deferred until the next meeting.

Marjorie Sanborn reported that there have been are no changes in the checking account, since the last meeting.

Cellular Tree Tower on Mount Murphy:
Timothy Miller, a project manager with SiteCom, Inc., presented the project plan for a 100-foot cellular communications tree tower proposed to be constructed by Comsites West on the Robinson property on Mount Murphy Road. The tower could handle four to five antenna arrays, but Metro PCS is the only service provider signed up to use this facility so far. The project is still in the process of being approved by the El Dorado County Planning Department. The company is seeking individual letters of support (or non-support) for the project. Local community businesses generally support the project, but other constituents oppose it mainly for aesthetic reasons. Marjorie Sanborn stated that the Chamber cannot endorse the project without approval from the membership. However, she will notify Chamber members by E-mail on any scheduled public meetings on the project.

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park:
The park will remain open with limited services, such as, no trash pickup. A private/public partnership is being proposed to manage the park in the future. The California State Parks would like donations, but not a partnership. Marjorie Sanborn attended a meeting hosted by assemblyman Huffington at the Cavallo Point in Sausalito, where general state park funding issues were discussed.

Gateway Signs:
Howard Penn and Deborah Kruse reported that getting signs placed on a state highway right of way is questionable and that placing signs on private property is more likely to succeed. The three prospective roadside sign sites are Highway 49 and Cold Springs Road, Highway 49 and Marshall Road and Lotus Road and Bassi Road. In each case the preferred sign placement would be on private land and easily visible from cars approaching the intersection. Howard Penn showed some Google map photos of views from a car at these intersections. He volunteered to determine who the adjacent land owners were for the potential roadside sign sites. Bolet Salvador also commented that placing even very small signs, such as, for El Dorado Farm Trails members, on a state highway right of way is not permitted. Two other candidates for gateway sign locations are Highway 49 near Venezio Winery and the intersection of Cold Springs Road and Gold Hill Road. Deborah Kruse advised getting a specialist to design artwork for the signs. Marjorie Sanborn stated that Chamber funds in the amount of 8 to 12 thousand dollars are available for this project. A motion made by Mark Hamlin for the Chamber to explore the three primary gateway sign locations was passed.

State Route 49 Realignment:
Howard Penn reported that he El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) study has reduced potential routes for Highway 49 between the towns of El Dorado and Coloma to three alternatives, all of which utilize part of Lotus Road. The primary objectives of eliminating the grade level crossing at Highway 50 in Placerville and bypassing Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park are met by all three plans.

Marjorie Sanborn reported that an Administrative person has not been recruited yet. The position will require 20 to 30 hours work per month.

No volunteers have been identified. Nominations are to be submitted at the November meeting.

Fundraiser Party for Kelley Kalafatich, Friday, October 23.
CLCC Christmas Party: Early December?

Adjournment: 8:20 PM

Next Meeting: Monday, November 9, 6:30 PM
Location: Sierra Rizing Bakery