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Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2009

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesDan Crandall, Bob Dalton, Cassandra Draxler, Emily Ritter, Howard Penn, Craig Sanborn, Marjorie Sanborn, Betty Sederquist, Teal Triolo, Candy Wall, Lynda Young
AuthorBob Dalton
StatusApproved September 8, 2009

Call to Order: 6:55 PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
May 12, 2009

Marjorie Sanborn reported that the checking account balance was $34,370 per the last bank statement and is now $32,038 with recent bills and income. She can write checks using old checkbook pending new checks being printed. Invoices from Bob Dalton for the delivery truck rental to transport the Coloma-Lotus Guides and food purchased for Coloma Blues Live volunteers were paid. A petty cash fund consisting of of about $150 in beer serving tips from last year's Coloma Blues Live event was used by Candy Wall for additional food and supplies for Coloma Blues Live volunteers. A recommendation was made by Marjorie that the Chamber maintain a petty cash fund of about $1500 for routine expenses.

Coloma Blues Live:
Candy Wall supervised beer and volunteer food serving for the event, which was quite successful having about 2200 attendees and over $20,000 in beer sales.

Emily Ritter, our new administrative employee, gave a report on the CLCC membership and advertising campaign revenues. Current total revenue is $10,600, including about $1500 in outstanding invoices. She will be sending postcards to all current members thanking them for renewing. Betty Sederquist advocated that the campaign for seasonal membership renewals be targeted for September.

Betty Sederquist commented that although the Guide was ultimately successfully published quite late, the timing of the majority of her work on it in April and May conflicted with her teaching obligations and was very stressful. Next year she will require that her work on the Guide be completed during the months of January through March.

Highway 49 Realignment:
No updates.

Highway 49 Beautification:
Howard Penn reported that he is working with Ellen __, the new director of El Dorado County Department of Transportation (DOT). Deborah Kruse is working on a preliminary landscaping design plan for Highway 49 between Marshall Road and the South Fork American River bridge.

Gateway Signs:
Identical signs are planned at three locations: Lotus Road and Bassi Road, Highway 49 and Marshall Road, and Highway 49 south of Marshall Gold State Park. The sign size will be limited by DOT regulations. Marjorie Sanborn commented that the Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce logo and name should appear on the signs. Also, an information kiosk should be located at River Park Village.

The linkages from the home page of the website to other pages are in need of improvement. Also, it would be desirable to have top page links to special interest stories, a Chamber newsletter and meeting minutes. After much discussion a motion was made and passed to hire Emily Ritter to work on website improvements for the next three months for a total fee of $2500.

Marketing Development:
The Chamber should make use of the normal "dark time" during the summer months to do marketing development. Collaboration with venues of other agencies, such as, El Dorado Arts Council (EDAC), El Dorado Visitors Authority and the Apple Hill Growers Association, should be pursued. The premier of the "Experience El Dorado" TV series is scheduled to be broadcast at 5:30 PM on July 5 on local Channel 10. Advertising should be done at local festivals such as The American River Music Festival and the American River Festival in September.

Destination Advertising:
Advertising in local printed media has been found to be not productive.

Industry Advertising:
Howard Penn said that industry advertising should be concentrated on the top three business categories in the Coloma valley: food and lodging, recreation and wineries. Marjorie Sanborn and Cassandra Draxler advocated targeting the wedding industry including bridal showers, bachelor parties, wedding consulting and honeymoon travel planning. Whitewater rafting marketing planning for events such as the former "Whitewater Media Day" should start in September and October. Dan Crandall proposed making the River Shuttle available to provide group transportation for private events and asking RMAC for additional funding for this purpose.

Dan Crandall is waiting to receive the $5000 in funding for the River Shuttle approved by the Chamber in its March meeting. He was not aware that the condition of submitting a marketing plan to justify this funding was added in the April meeting. Marjorie Sanborn asked that Dan submit a letter to the Chamber via E-mail outlining how he is going to spend these funds to market the River Shuttle. Dan is expecting the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to approve a funding grant for the River Shuttle from the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) in two weeks. He will submit the requested marketing plan after those funds are approved.

American River Festival: September 11-13
American River Music Festival: September 18-20

Adjournment: 8:55 PM

Next Meeting: Tuesday, Sept 8, 6:30 PM
Location: TBD