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Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2009

LocationSierra Rizing Bakery
AttendeesJudy Bacchi, Robert Dalton, Cassandra Draxler, Deborah Kruse, Howard Penn, Nate Rangel, Craig Sanborn, Marjorie Sanborn, Betty Sederquist, Teal Triolo, Candy Wall, Lynda Young
AuthorBob Dalton
StatusApproved May 12, 2009

Call to Order: 6:45 PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
March 10, 2009

Marjorie Sanborn reported that there have been no changes in Chamber's financial status since the last meeting.

Easter Egg Hunt:
Bob Dalton and Candy Wall reported that the Easter Egg Hunt was very successful. Candy was the Easter Bunny. She recruited four friends and neighbors to work on the event, without whose help it would not have been possible. About 150 children attended. One grand prize, an Easter basket for a girl, age 7 to 10 was unclaimed and will be given to Kathleen Ash for disposition. Total new purchases of candy and supplies amounted to about $500.00. Budgeted amount for event, including use of existing equipment and supplies should be $800.00. Howard Penn later advocated outsourcing the event in the future to local school PTAs and PTOs with costs paid by the Chamber.

Membership Drive:
Bob Dalton reported that about half of the existing members have not yet responded to invitations to renew their memberships or have responded, but not paid their amounts due. Lynda Young reported that there have been only a few payments for membership renewals and advertising received since April 1. More follow-up telephone calls and personal visits will be required to encourage more members to renew. Volunteers to contact a list of non-responding and/or unpaid members by category were assigned to members present.

Coloma-Lotus Guide:
Betty Sederquist reported that her work on the 2009 edition is still on hold pending input. Page count is estimated to be 12. Cutoff date has been pushed out to April 28. Publication target date is now Memorial Day weekend (May 22). Cut-off date for printing input is April 28. Quantity to print is to be determined by advertising revenue (about $3000.00) and anticipated distribution. Last year a quantity of 20,000 were printed of which about 2000 are still in storage and an indeterminate amount are still at distribution points. The difference in printing costs between a quantity of 10,000 and 15,000 was reported by Betty to be about $400. A motion made by Howard Penn to order printing of 10,000 copies was seconded and approved. Later in the meeting, after further discussion, a motion made by Nate Rangel to change print quantity to 15,000 was seconded and unanimously approved.

Highway 49 Beautification:
Howard Penn reported that the proposed project, including gateway signs and landscaping on Highway 49 north of the bridge, will require a preliminary plan. Input is needed from El Dorado County Department of Transportation (EDCDOT) regarding limitations, that is, what can and cannot be done. There has been no significant progress on this project since a meeting two years ago.

Highway 49 Realignment:
Howard Penn reported that the principal goals of the project are eliminating traffic on Highway 49 through Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park and the at grade intersection of State Highway 49 and U.S. Highway 50. The project will likely include part of the existing Lotus Road and may require a new Highway 49 bridge across the South Fork American River near Hennsingsen Lotus Park. A major local concern is that tourist traffic will be steered away from destination businesses and services in the Coloma Valley. The Coloma Valley community is represented on the EL Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) by business owners Bill Center, Howard Penn and Nate Rangel and State Parks Supervisor Jim __. EDCTC has scheduled a public meeting on April 30 (see below).

General: The Chamber should recruit and hire a part-time employee as soon as possible to work on membership and advertising, Coloma-Lotus Guide distribution and whatever administrative tasks are needed to relieve the burden on volunteers.

Destination Advertising:
Printed media advertising is not effective outside of the local area. El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce Visitor's Authority should be more effectively used. The idea of giving them address or E-mail distribution lists for advertising was rejected as having privacy issues. Television show filming for the Experience El Dorado project headed by Jody Franklin is being done by Todd Stanley.
Focus should be on raising visibility and exploiting linkages to drive people to the website. On-line links to Google and social networking sites, such as, Facebook should be exploited. More active and current maintenance of the website is needed.
Howard Penn advocates acquiring this website from Donna McMaster, redirecting and spending more money on it. Commercial outfitter listings and ads should be expanded, content on the River Management Advisory Committee (RMAC) and the River Shuttle service should be added and private boater interests should be addressed.

The River Shuttle:
A marketing plan needs to be submitted to justify initial CLCC funding for this 501c3 non-profit organization in the amount of $5000.

CLCC Booth at Events:
The Chamber should man an information kiosk at major local events including Coloma Blues Live and the American River Festival. Volunteers are needed. Cassandra Draxler offered use of her commercial beauty products booth for this purpose.

Membership Drive: Howard Penn, Nate Rangel, Candy Wall, Marjorie Sanborn and Judy Bacchi to contact non-responding members.

Highway 49 Beautification: Howard Penn to send out an E-mail inviting concerned members to attend a project meeting.

Marketing: Marjorie Sanborn to recruit and hire a part-time employee to work as needed on membership, C-L Guide distribution, etc.

The River Shuttle: Janice Stanley to submit a project marketing plan to justify initial CLCC funding.

Highway 49 Relocation Public Meeting: Thursday, April 30, 6:00 PM at EDC Fairgrounds

Yard Sale: Saturday, May 9, at River Park.
Teal Triolo reported that entry cost will be $10.00, which must be submitted by deadline date of ?

Highway 49 Beautification Project meeting: Date and place TBD
Howard Penn will send out an invitation via E-mail.

Coloma Blues Live: Saturday, June 6, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at Henningsen Lotus Park.
Candy Wall has volunteered to supervise beer servers.
Janice Stanley has offered to supervise the volunteer food booth.

Adjournment: 8:40 PM

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 12, 6:30 PM
Location: Sierra Nevada House