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Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2009

LocationAmerican Heritage Land & Home, Inc.
AttendeesKathleen Ash, Judy Bacchi, Liz Boyd, Dan Crandall, Robert Dalton, John Deck, Cassandra Draxler, Howard Penn, Craig Sanborn, Marjorie Sanborn, Betty Sederquist, Janice Stanley, Teal Triolo, Candy Wall, Lynda Young
AuthorRobert Dalton
StatusApproved April 14, 2009

Call to Order: 6:50 PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
February 10, 2009

Financial Report:
Marjorie Sanborn reported that there have been no changes in Chamber's financial status since the beginning of the year.

Membership and Advertising Drive, 2009:
Bob Dalton reported that the 2009 membership drive was finally launched on March 5 with a bulk E-mail to existing members, inviting them to preferably renew their membership on-line or secondly by hard copy mailing. The process appears to be well received and working, but response to date has been limited, so follow-up telephone calls and personal visits as required are in order. Campaign volunteers are Howard Penn, Marjorie Sanborn, Kathleen Ash, Candy Wall and Judy Bacchi. Marjorie will send a graphical ad to the membership via E-mail.

Coloma-Lotus Guide:
Betty Sederquist reported that her work on the 2009 edition is on hold pending input. She handed out front page headliner photo artwork for review. Page count is estimated to be 12. Wineries and wedding articles and advertising will be major component.

John Derek from Direct Market Results gave a presentation on internet marketing techniques. His company offers techniques to improve quantity of website hits. He emphasized the importance of telephone calls (within Do-Not-Call legal rules), newsletters and personal visits as a follow-up to internet contacts. He commented that the website is a powerful link.

Marjorie Sanborn advocated convening a new Marketing Committee. Volunteers from attendees included Bob Dalton, Cassandra Draxler, Howard Penn, Betty Sederquist and Janice Stanley. A meeting date will be scheduled within the next month.

CLCC as Subchapter of the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce:
Howard Penn reported that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been completed.

Ongoing Projects:
Highway 49 Beautification: Consensus is that the funds raised for this project, principally from the Coloma Blues Live events, should be reallocated to area marketing. Cassandra Draxler commented that projects of this type, such as, the Upper Broadway restoration in Placerville, should have a board (of directors).

New Business:
River store Shuttle: Dan Crandall gave a presentation on the status of the River Store Shuttle. The basic infrastructure was put in place last summer and appeared to be working, but the project needs to be marketed and expanded to be a benefit to the community as a whole. Formation of a "Coloma Transit Management Council" was suggested. Dan requested a letter of support from the Chamber to the El Dorado County Air Quality Management District, which was granted by Marjorie. Collaboration with other communities and area businesses is needed as well. Additional funds from the community are being sought, specifically $5000 each from El Dorado County via the River Management Advisory Committee and the Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber should provide marketing support for expanding the River Shuttle service in an article in the Coloma-Lotus Guide to be co-authored by Dan and Betty. A motion was made and approved for the Chamber to fund this project as requested. A second motion was passed to develop a marketing strategy in support of the River Shuttle.

Highway 49 Relocation: Howard Penn reported on the latest developments in this ongoing long term project, consisting of formation of a Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) with meetings to be held over the next 6 to 12 months. Bypassing Marshal Gold Discovery State Historic Park is on of the primary objectives. There are multiple issues with the project, the principal one being the highway route, with requirements for grade level interchanges and bridges.

Upcoming Events:
Easter Egg Hunt: Saturday, April 11, 12:00 noon at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park.
Special event approval and insurance application has been submitted to the state park. Bob Dalton will take care of administrative duties. Event chairperson is needed. Volunteers are Kathleen Ash, Sarah Canfield, Cassandra Draxler, Jane Phillips, Janice Stanley and Candy Wall.

Coloma Blues Live: Saturday, June 6, at Henningsen Lotus Park.
Candy Wall volunteered to supervise beer servers and Janice Stanley offered to supervise the volunteer food booth.

Adjournment: 8:45 PM

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 14, 6:30 PM
Location: Sierra Rizing Bakery