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Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2009

LocationSierra Nevada House
AttendeesKathleen Ash, Judy Bacchi, Robert Dalton, Cassandra Draxler, Howard Penn, Betty Sederquist, Teal Triolo, Lynda Young
AuthorBob Dalton
StatusApproved March 10, 2009

Call to Order: 6:45 PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
November 11, 2008
December 9, 2008

Financial Report:
Bank Balance: $30,108.70
Checking and savings account to be integrated with El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce.

Membership and Advertising Drive, 2009:
We are running about two months late in kicking off the annual membership drive. Membership application and advertising forms have been updated by Betty Sederquist. Plan is to launch drive mid-February, with "early bird" discount until March 9 and deadline for advertising on March 23. Betty needs about 6 weeks to publish Coloma-Lotus Guide after inputs are complete. Schedule depends on completion of on-line membership renewal forms by Donna McMaster. Electronic payment will not be offered yet. Hard copy mailing will be used for off line and new members, advertising input and payment. Letters, telephone calls and personal visits will be utilized to contact non-reponding members. Membership committee roles were discussed and it was agreed to convene a meeting next week of volunteers Kathleen Ash, Judy Bacchi, Robert Dalton, Cassandra Draxler, and Lynda Young.
A motion was made and passed to proceed with membership drive plans as described above.

Coloma-Lotus Guide:
Betty Sederquist is ready to go to work on 2009 edition, but optimum time to perform is passing. Publication date is now estimated to be May 1. Quantity to be published will be determined by cost of printing, noting that about 15,000 of 20,000 printed last year were actually distributed.

CLCC as Subchapter of the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce:
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was presented by Howard Penn and approved for adoption by motion. Bob Dalton will deliver two copies to Marjorie Sanborn for signature and return.

Ongoing Projects:
Highway 49 Beatification: On hold pending further contact with county and state agencies.
Whitewater Park in Lotus: On hold until late 2009.

Upcoming Events:
Easter Egg Hunt: Saturday, April 11, 12:00 noon
at Marshal Gold Discovery State Historic Park. Special event approval and insurance needs to be arranged with the state park management. Volunteers are Kathleen Ash and Cassandra Draxler. Suggested helpers for the Easter Bunny are Candy Wall, Sarah Canfield and Jane Phillips.

Coloma Blues Live: Saturday, June 6
at Hensington Lotus Park.
Chamber will serve beer and provide volunteer food for a flat fee from EDAC, the organizer. Marjorie Sanborn will coordinate and supervise beer booth volunteers. Provisioning and serving of volunteer food needs to be determined.

Adjournment: 8:45 PM

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 10, 6:30 PM
at American Heritage Land & Home, Inc. real estate office at River Park in Lotus