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Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2008

LocationSierra Nevada House
AttendeesAlice Butler, Bob Dalton, Howard Penn, Craig Sanborn, Marjorie Sanborn, Betty Sederquist, Teal Triolo, Lynda Young
AuthorBob Dalton
StatusApproved October 14, 2008

Call to Order: 6:50 PM

Approval of Minutes: March 11, 2008 meeting minutes approved with corrections

Treasurer's Report
Pat Lahey has turned over all her files and materials to Marjorie Sanborn and is no longer acting as Treasurer, so the job now defaults to the President. Marjorie presented the financial report for the month of February and the projected budget for 2008. Functional elements in place are bookkeeper services by Sandra Putic, Quik Books files, bank account with River City Bank and taxpayer Employer Identification Number. Treasurer's work needs to be reassigned until the position is filled.

Membership Report:
Membership application processing has been completed after many hours of hard work by Janice Stanley and Lynda Young. Marjorie will get together with them to document the process. Future changes discussed included starting renewal period in June, prorating paid membership dues starting in July, and implementing on-line renewal using PayPal for dues payment.

Coloma-Lotus Guide:
Betty Sederquist has received the newly printed copies of the Coloma-Lotus Guide. The distribution procees needs to be reviewed for effectiveness. Some bundles were distributed to members present. Someone needs to be employed to assure effective distribution of copies to local businesses and related organizations. A motion was made and approved for a budget of $300 to distribute the Guide.


Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, March 22, 2008:
Kathleen Ash reported that the event came off as planned, except that the full Easter Bunny costume was not obtained. It actually belongs to the Tillman family. Materials are now in a storage locker in River Park Village rented by CLCC for 6 months at $50 per month.

CLCC Mixer, May ?, 2008:
Howard proposed having a chamber mixer/open house party to promote the CLCC as a constituent member of EDC Chamber of Commerce.

Coloma Blues Live, Saturday, June 7, 2008:
Marjorie has obtained the liquor license and recruited servers for the beer booth.

Jingle Bell Jubilee, December 12-13, 2008:
Mari Wells has volunteered to chair the event.


Marketing Committee:
Janice Stanley is working on a DVD promoting the Coloma-Lotus community.

Highway 49 Beautification:
Howard communicated message to Dan Bolster of El Dorado County regarding moving forward with the landscaping design process and submitting a proposal to EDC Department of Transportation.

Legal Issues:
Howard reported that Laurel of the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce supports CLCC becoming a constituent chapter of the EDC Chamber.

Motion was made and approved to pay Coloma Communications to do work (several hours) to add capability to import MS Word tables and Adobe pdf files into on-line Minutes form.

The idea of hiring a part time employee to do various functions, such as, membership processing, web site updates, bookkeeping and Coloma-Lotus Guide distribution was discussed.

Next Meeting:
Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2008, 6:30 PM
Location: Coloma Country Inn

Adjournment: 8:25 PM

Action Items: Date Owner Due Date

Document Membership Drive process
02/12/2008 Lynda, Marjorie 05/13/08
Work in progress

Document Easter Egg Hunt event
4/8/08 Janice, Kathy 5/13/08

Design plan for Hwy 49 Beautification project
4/8/08 Howard 10/14/08
Committee meeting within next month

CLCC membership in EDC Chamber of Commerce
4/8/08 Howard TBD
Meeting with EDC C of C legal counsel website CLCC Minutes format changes
4/8/08 Marjorie TBD
Funding approved