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Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2008

LocationBella Vista Bed and Breakfast Inn
AttendeesKathleen Ash, Judy Bacchi, Bob Dalton, Pat Lahey, Howard Penn, Marjorie Sanborn, Betty Sederquist, Janice Stanley, Lynda Young
AuthorBob Dalton
StatusApproved April 8, 2008

Call to Order: 6:50 PM

Approval of Minutes: February 12, 2008

Treasurer's Report:
Pat Lahey, acting as interim Treasurer, presented financial summaries:
Closing balance, 2007: $22736.17
Current balance: $28671.67 (as of February 29)
Budgeted expenses: $14,000 (programs and website)
Set asides: $8000 (for community projects)
Income, 2008: TBD (membership dues, advertising and Coloma Blues Live event)

Membership Report:
Janice Stanley and Lynda Young have processed about 75 applications as of today, which was supposed to be the deadline. About 35 expired members have not yet submitted new applications. Strategies to encourage timely membership renewals were discussed, including complimentary memberships, commissions for soliciting members, allowing charges to a credit card account, changing the business year and delaying publication of the Coloma-Lotus Guide. Administratively, putting the Membership Application form on the website would relieve the annual membership printing and mailing process. Also, getting a bank deposit stamp would speed up check handling.

Coloma-Lotus Guide:
Betty Sederquist reported that the Coloma-Lotus Guide was ready for printing except for the Directory section which she always does last. A proof copy of completed pages was circulated for comment. Some sections, such as, music events are very crowded. Directories and maps receive the most reader attention. It was suggested that the Guide articles highlight different community segments from year-to-year.


Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, March 22, 2008:
Janice Stanley reported that she had contacted the State Park about the event and that she was in the process of purchasing all the treats. Easy up tents can be borrowed from Teal Triolo (Howard). Tables can be borrowed from the Coloma Country Inn (Marjorie). It was recommended to rent a storage locker in River Park Village for special event materials, such as, the Easter Egg Hunt, rather than use members' garages from year to year. Kathleen Ash reported that the Easter Bunny and his assistant have been recruited.


Highway 49 Beautification:
Howard Penn reported that the process of getting additional work done on Highway 49 landscaping from the American River bridge to Marshall Road could be a long process between the State of California (Caltrans) and El Dorado County (DOT). The project will need agreement between these two agencies, plus design requirements to proceed. A new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) exists between Caltrans and DOT regarding the project, wherein the costs are to be shared between these two agencies.

Legal Issues:
Howard Penn reported that he had consulted with Laurel Brent-Bumb of the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce regarding applying for a 501C tax status. The process appears to be fairly straightforward as four other affiliated organizations are now doing it.

Marketing Committee:
Marjorie Sanborn and Kathleen Ash drafted a Marketing Committee Charter which was submitted and motioned for approval at the meeting.

American River Shuttle Service:
Running a shuttle bus to serve boaters on the South Fork of the American River has been endorsed by the American River Conservancy, the River Management Advisory Committee (RMAC) and local paddling club activists. Writing a letter of support for this service from the CLCC Chamber of Commerce to El Dorado County was motioned and approved.

Marjorie has had a number of communications with Donna McMaster during the last month regarding the administration of our three affiliated websites (, and Due to the complexity and interdependence of the three websites, as well as the fact that, should anything happen to Donna, the ownership of the sites would accede to the Chamber, it was recommended the status quo be maintained. Website maintenance is now being done by Sara Schwartz Kendall.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 6:30 PM
Location: Sierra Nevada House

Adjournment: 8:20 PM

Action Items:

Date Item Owner Due Date Status

02/12/2008 Document Membership Drive process
Janice Stanley 04/2008 Work in progress

02/12/2008 Obtain turnover from Candy Wall and plan 2008 Easter Egg Hunt
Janice Stanley 03/22/2007 Done

02/12/2008 Develop Scope for Hwy 49 Beautification project
Howard Penn 03/11/2008 Ongoing

02/12/2008 Formalize Marketing Committee; present recommendations regarding chamber marketing efforts
Marjorie Sanborn 03/11/2008 Charter done

02/12/2008 Contact Coloma Communications regarding purchase of web domains
Marjorie Sanborn 03/11/2008 Done. No changes to status quo with Donna.