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Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2008

LocationStanley Residence
AttendeesMarjorie & Craig Sanborn, Bob Dalton, Mary Carrera, Randy Carprous, Alice Butler, Kelly Ahola, Betty Sederquist, Bruce Hayden, Lynda Young, Kathleen Ash, Teal Triolo, Howard Penn, Janice Stanley, Tom VanNoord, Susan Leahy, Kurt and Sandy Radbunerton
AuthorBob Dalton
StatusApproved March 11, 2008

Call to Order: 6:45 PM

Approval of Minutes: December 11, 2007 and January 8, 2008

Membership Report:
Membership committee (Janice Stanley and Lynda Young) is proceeding with processing applications at the rate of about four per day per previous directions from John Tillman and Donna McMaster. Betty Sederquist recommended that membership and ad payments be submitted separately. Janice offered and Marjorie agreed that the membership process be documented for future reference in Microsoft PowerPoint format and lists be published in Excel format. A motion was submitted and approved to include the American River Festival in reciprocal membership status.

Treasurer's Report:
Not submitted. Pat Lahey is acting Treasurer in lieu of Spencer Rubin's incapacity.

President's Report:
Marjorie presented documentation which outlined/consolidated minutes from 2007. Categories were Calendar, Projects, and a list of Discussion Points/Uncategorized points. This was an effort to ensure we were aware of our commitments as an organization, be able to plan accordingly, and know where and when we would need involvement from chamber members.


Coloma Blues Live, Saturday, June 7, 2008 (report by Mary Carrera, EDAC):
Planning is for maximum of 3000 attendees (up from 2400 out of 2700 last year). Total number of volunteers required is 300. Funding allocated by EDAC is $85,000 including $35,000 from sponsors. Proceeds will be disbursed after net profit is determined. An estimate of alcohol quantity and costs by category for 2008 based on 2007 sales was presented. Advertising is ready and sample flier was exhibited, showing Los Lobos as headliner band. Website and direct ticket sales are to begin by end of February. Heavy marketing will be in April and May, including media presentations. Sanitation will be done as before by Sierra Disposal Company (John Tillman). Beer booth will be manned and ice deliveries done by CLCC. A handout of Beer Booth rules was distributed. A supervisor for CLCC volunteers needs to be appointed by end of February. All-hands volunteer meetings should be held twice monthly in March, April and May leading up to event. Return on investment reports are needed to support future funding. A video was played by Mary highlighting 2006 and 2007 events and promoting partnerships with local organizations. Some issues raised by CLCC members after last year’s event were script counting (must be as you go), coordination with sheriff deputies regarding when to cut off alcohol sales, meals for volunteers, distribution of recycling containers, cooling and shade for attendees.

Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, March 22, 2008:
Easter Bunny and assistant are needed. State Park supervisor needs to be advised. Janice Stanley, Kathleen Ash and Lynda Young volunteered to help.

Whitewater Media Day, Wednesday, June 4, 2008 (?):
Event should be expanded to include businesses besides outfitters. Key contacts are Nate Rangel of Adventure Connection and Noah Rucker-Triplett of El Dorado County.

El Dorado County Fair, June 7-9, 2008:
This has been done in the past, primarily by John Tillman; we need to decide if it provided benefit and, if we move ahead, someone is needed to set up and man CLCC booth.

American River Trailfest, Monday, June 9, 2008:
ARC planning work is in progress. Many CLCC members are involved.

California State Fair
Coloma-Lotus area has not been recently represented in El Dorado County display. Need to determine if this is an issue and what we need to do about it.

American River Acoustic Camp
Bruce Hayden is leader. Recognition is due to Joe Craven for past work.

American River Music Festival
Matt Simonsen is leader. Support by CLCC is desired to expand cultural aspects of Coloma-Lotus community

Jingle Bell Jubilee, December 6, 2008
Mari Wells managed event in 2006, but was unavailable to do job in 2007, so event was limited to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in state park, coordinated by John Tillman. Chamber needs to decide on activities for this year's event.


Highway 49 Beautification:
Marjorie researched history of project for five years based on CLCC meeting minutes. There has been a tremendous amount of discussion but little progress. Spending of allocated money ($8000) for landscaping versus gateway signs is an ongoing issue. Many have volunteered their help and services, but there has been no actual leadership. Howard Penn acknowledged this has gone nowhere and committed to putting together a committee to formalize the scope of this project.

The chamber pays for maintaining three sites:, and Discussion around whether sites continue to meet the community needs. Sites are currently owned and maintained by Coloma Communications (Donna McMaster). We had previously voted to allocate a budget of $4,000 for 2008 if Treasurer approval as to availability of funds could be obtained. Approval was not forthcoming, so budget for 2008 is again an issue. We have an estimate from Donna for $2,700 for 2008. It was again suggested we obtain a price from Donna to purchase outright the domains and put the website maintenance out to bid.

Marketing Committee:
Members are Marjorie, Janice Stanley, and Kathleen Ash. Meetings will include "whoever shows up". Website is part of agenda. It was again brought up that, although this is an amazing place to live, the reality is local business revenue is way down and desperately needs a boost; marketing as part of our objective is critical. Janice is suggesting we make a promotional DVD and will do demo at next meeting.

Legal Issues:
We currently do not have standing as an “official” organization. The chamber has grown organically from the original Coloma-Lotus Association of Merchants (CLAM). We do not have an official tax designation (non-profit) and have grown to where there are potential personal liability issues which must be addressed. Howard has been working with the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce to potentially become a sub-chapter of their organization. He met recently with the Executive Director of the Chamber, she is obtaining answers to our final questions. She will either be present at our next meeting, or Howard will report on answers. At that time we hope to make a recommendation regarding moving forward or pursuing other avenues.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 11, 2008, 6:30 PM
Location: Bella Vista B&B, 581 Cold Springs Rd.

Adjournment: 8:40 PM



Membership Drive: Janice Stanley 4/2008
Document process

Easter Egg Hunt: Janice Stanley 3/22/07
Obtain turnover
from Candy Wall
and plan event

Hwy 49 Beautification: Howard Penn 3/11/08
Develop project scope

Marketing Committee: Marjorie Sanborn 3/11/08
Formalize and present
recommendations on
chamber efforts

Coloma Communications: Marjorie Sanborn 3/11/08
Contact Donna regarding
purchase of web domains