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Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2007

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesHoward Penn, Pat Lahey, Spencer Rubin, Veronica Robinson, Sara Schwartz Kendall, Bob Dalton, Betty Sedarquist, Linda Young, John Tillman, Judy Huestis, Pat Lahey, Craig Sanborn, Marjorie Sanborn,Kary Danielson, Kathleen Ash, Janice Stanley, Todd Stanley, Robin King and a friend of Marjorie's (Carol)
AuthorCandy Wall

Called to order: 6:50 pm
We all introduced ourselves, what we do, and the business we represent.
The minutes were read and were to be approved with the following changes, Sara's name to be Sara Schwartz Kendall, Periods added to Betty Sederquist's Gold Rush report, 501 added to 501 C-6 re: The chamber's status.Semonsen to be added to Matt Semonsen and the 4K budget for Webmaster was to read pending treasurer's approval.
- Treasurer's reports: Oct. balance $22,378.95
- No Debit, No Deposit, Nov. Balance unchanged
- Dec. Bal will reflect: 46.69 to Capital Beverage and a deposit of $125.for membership 2007
balance $22,457.26 to date.
- Treasurer will pay the webmaster invoice for 2007. 8K is available for the community project. The guide will require money,but membership money will be available for donations, or events, to be determined. A budget will be done by the exiting President and Treasurer/Judy H. and Pat.L
- The Membership will be revamped with input from Marjorie. Judy revisted the reciprocal memberships we give, receive and the group agreed it should remain the same.IE: ARC,GDPA,BLM,EDACC.etc.
- Kary Danielson reported his findings re; Hwy 49 irrigation project. He spoke to the Botanist on the Beautification Project/Cal Trans and Kary feels a team is needed to determine what happens to the plants, placed along highway after one year. Cal Trans and Botanist will put them in place from a list of prescibed plants that may be sturdy enough to make it a year then what? Do we want to just do the Gateway signs instead? Can we do the planting in stages? In any case a committee formed with Marjorie and Kary will address this in the 1st quarter along with Janice Stanley and Howard Penn.
- Spencer Rubin was nominated by Judy H for treasurer. Howard Penn motioned to approve the nomination, Betty seconded it and all approved. Spencer is the treasurer for 2008.
- The 2008 Officers for the Coloma Lotus Chamber of Commerce are as follows: President Marjorie Sanborn, Vice President Sara Schwartz Kendall, Treasurer Spencer Rubin and Secretary Bob Dalton
Howard Penn motioned to approve the officers elected.Betty Seconded and all approved. President adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm and a Holiday Potluck was enjoyed by all.