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Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2007

LocationSierra Nevada House
AttendeesJudy Huestis, Pat Lahey, Mari Wells, Howard Penn, John Tillman, Teal Triolo, Danny Moreno, Betty Sederquist, Kary Danielson Guests: Sam Driggers, James Pickett, Bill Olson
AuthorJudy Huestis for Business and General Meetings
StatusApproved October 9, 2007

Judy Huestis reminded the attendees that the business meeting had taken place earlier.

Old Business: American River Music Festival update. Chamber has provided the volunteers for the beer booth and Teal Triolo is coordinating the volunteer food. Festival is the weekend of September 22nd. The beer booth was covered but Teal could use additional volunteers.

Hwy 49 Beautification/Roadside Signage Clutter: This topic was discussed at length and our gurest Sam Driggers with El Dorado County Office of Economic Development had many ideas and resources for our organization and member businesses. The Chamber is committed to working with Sam closely to learn more he can help our business community. As far as when we actually start the work on Hwy 49 it was detemined we need to coordinate with the county about whether we can tap into the water main along Hwy 49 and if so, at what price, permits needed, coordinationg with DOT, local landscape designers, etc. Kary and Mari took responsibility fact finding and reporting back at the next meeting.

Webmaster Work Payments: Pat said she would talk to Donna about getting an invoice for what we currently owe and we will discuss how much we want and can afford at the next meeting.

Guide Distribution: Judy explained the difficulty of distributing guides on a volunteer basis. Both she and John Tillman have been the primary distributors and due to time and personal issues, the distribution has been spotty. Suggestions were to pay someone for distribution or reduce the number of copies printed. Neither was considered an option at this time so volunteers will try their best to distribute copies. Sam Driggers took several bundles to the Metro Chamber for distribution.

ARC Membership: Our memembership expired and Judy asked if we want to renew. It was decided we will renew our membership.

Unpaid members: John distributed a list of members who are still unpaid. The list was divided so collection calls could be made.

CLAM: Pat Lahey said we should close the banking account with the old Chamber name and open a new account but we need articles of incorporation in order to do this. Howard had extensive information on this topic so he and Pat will talk about what needs to be done outside the meeting and report back in October.

New Business

Guest Speaker: Sam Driggers with Office of Economic Development (OED) shaared information about how his office can help area businesses be more successful. He has the ability to meet with business owners and discuss their needs and direct them to sources of financial assistance from the county as well as help the Chamber attain marketing money. Sam will do a presentation for interested business owners as well as a "business walk", a type of survey of business owners to "take the pulse of the local economy".This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Membership decals: Judy asked if we should have membership decals like the GDPA. It was decided these would not have useful purpose and would be an unnecessary expense.

Officers 2008: Nominations are in November and elections are held in December. Please attend the November meeting in person to nominate a candidate. Candidates should be Chamber members in good standing who are agble to attend monthly meetings.

Jingle Bell Jubilee: Mari said it will return but possibly in a different format. She wanted to know how much money the chamber would commit but without a plan in place we are unable to make this determination. Betty and Mari formed a subcommittee to brainstorm ideas for the scope of the event and will report back at the next meeting with a budget.

Guest Speakers/Pilot Hill housing development: Judy had been contacted by the lawyer representing the owners of the former J Bar Ranch who are looking at doing a housing and recreational/commercial development of the 1300 acre ranch. Bill Olson and James Pickett made a lengthy presentation to the Chamber about the scope of the project and asked for the Chamber's input into, and support of, the project. The Chamber will analysze the impact of the project and determine a position.

Adjourned: 8:20 pm