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Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2007

LocationSierra Nevada House
AttendeesJudy Huestis,Pat Lahey, John Tillman, Howard Penn,Kary Danielson, Mari Wells
AuthorJudy Huestis for Business and General Meetings
StatusApproved October 9, 2007

Review and Approval of minutes from last meeting deferred due to absence of Candy Wall, Secretary

Treasurer's Report:
Coloma Blues Live (CBL) revenue and expense report. We received $10,910 from El Dorado County Arts Council (EDAC) and $473.43 from Gold Discovery Park Association (GDPA)
We wrote checks to Capital Beverage for 4195.54 for the cost of beer, $473.41 for the cost of water and an additional $46.69 is owed for supplies.
300. will be paid to EDAC to cover the cost of grading the Van Noord parking area. This amount was matched by American River Music Festival (AMRF), GDPA and EDAC and all groups will pay this fee again for the following two years.
Total revenue $6367.79
Pat also explained we have approximately $250 in tip money from last year and this year that has not been counted in the revenue report.

MOTION: Take the tip moey and have the Chamber match the amount to reserve for a scholarship fund. Motion was seconded and carried. Details of the scholarship are as yet TBD. The Board discussed the CBL revenue from last year and this year. The funds are earmarked for the Chamber's Hwy 49 beautification project. The combined revenue to fund the project is now at just over $10,000.00 so we are ready to move forward to the planning stages of the project.

Beginning account balance as of 7/31/07 was $23,525.27 and the ending balance as of 8/31/07 was $22,670.84. With the outstanding checks as well as outstanding fees dues to Donna McMaster for past and continuing webmaster work we project the year end balance to be approximately $18,000, although this is only a rough estimate as fees to Donna are yet TBD.