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Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2007

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesJudy Huestis, Pat Lahey, Howard Penn, Kary Danielson, John Tillman, Bob Dalton, Marjorie Sanborn,Gina Metropules,Teal Triolo, David Ball, Christina Havens, Tim Nelson, Kathy Jarques
AuthorPat Lahey
StatusApproved June 12, 2007

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm Agenda item#1 Review and approval of previous meeting minutes-The secretary was not in attendance so the minutes was postponed until the June meeting. Agenda item#2 Treasure's report-The treasurer reported the beginning balance on April 1, 2007 was $14,750. There was one deposit for $816 leaving the ending balance on April 30,2007 at 15,566.
New Business: Agenda item #3 ARF request for financial support-Bobbie Houssand of the American River Festival requested fiancial support from the chamber for the festival. Discussion: A brief overview of the history of the American River Festival was given by Howard Penn. It was brought up that several members of the Chamber already make individual donations that support the event.
Agenda item#4: June meeting and hiatus reminder-The next meeting will be at the Sierra Nevada House on June 12, 2007. The chamber will be on hiatus for July and August and will resume meeetings in September.
Agenda item#5: Hwy 49 planning for fall- David Thomas wants to be involved in the 49 project. Jennifer and Roy Fortner,commercial landscapers, are also interested in the Hwy 49 project. People in the community want to be involved. Pat is waiting to hear from Supervisor Brigss about the MOU between County DOT,Cal Trans, and CLCC so we have a framework to use as we move forward with project.
Agenda item#6: Federal tax ID number- Discussion: The background on the chamber's tax filing status was reviewed. An overview on other chamber's filing status and our chamber's options were considered.
Motion: A motion was made to have the chamber file for a 501cb. All members voted in favor. None were opposed. The motion passed. The application for the Employment Identification Number will be filed in the next few days.
Agenda item#7: Guide Racks- Kary Danielson made wooden stands to hold two stacks each of the chamber Guides. These stands will be placed in strategic locations in the community that will best display the publication to visitors.
Agenda item#8: Coloma Blues Live Volunteers- Volunteers are still needed for the June 9th event. There are two shifts to be filled, 10-2 and 2-6. The 10 shift will set up, the 2 shift will clean up. We need 26 people total in the beer booth,4 people in the food booth,and 4 people on trash pick up.There will be a volunteer meeting before the event where we will go over the rules for serving alcohol at the event. Howard has the condiments we can use. We will get water ourselves.
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm