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Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2007

LocationRiver's Edge Deli
AttendeesCloann Zimmerman,Marlene Sanborn,Pat Lahey,Cindy and Bruce Hayden,Jordan Postalwaite,Nick Puglesi,Bob Dalton,Manny Shaffer,Mari Wells,Danny Moreno,Judy Huestis,Kerry Danielson,Mike Arciero,Candy Wall,Betty Sedarquist and Supervisor Ron Briggs District 4
AuthorCandy Wall
StatusApproved June 12, 2007

Meeting called to order 6:40 pm
Motion to approve minutes-approved and seconded
Treasurer's report heard and noted 11,319.68 acct.ending 1/31/07 and also noted 2/28/07 $17586.48 ending balance.
Ron Briggs our Supervisor spoke to the following issues: Vineyards, farming, Weddings, land splits, Agricultural set backs, land use and more.He was born into farming, he has a farm and he understands the business.He was quite open about Special events on Agriculturally zoned land today,pitfalls and thought the Use Permit approach may be good for all parties concerned Neighbors,the public their safety and road use and parking. He introduced Jordan Postalwaite to show us an overview of our County Parks and trails.Ron Briggs and Jordan Postalwaite were informative and we gained insight from two good levels on subjects we asked about.Jordan felt we were about 5 parcels away from riding to Lake Tahoe from here.
Our Coloma Lotus Guides are out so please reach out and grab them for your businesses from John Tillman,the bakery holder,the Deli,real estate office and other locations.
May's Chamber's meeting is at the Coloma Country Inn and June will be at the Sierra Nevada House.
Our Upcoming events are WhiteWater Media Day,Coloma Blues live,and the Jingle Bell Jubilee.
New Memebers applying Bruce and Cindy Hayden and Mike Arciero. If paid and approved it would bring the total businesses to 110 for our lovely valley.
President Judy's Pet Project presented and approved is the Borrow a Bike Project.A motion was made and approved to find a Bike Loaner Program. Used bikes to be acquired,fixed,painted all the same color and available in various locations. It could be a great press release as well as a fun and familiar part of our valley scene.
Should anyone need explanation of our relationship,contract and more with the Coloma Blues live event and it's proceeds please take it directly to Judy Huestis.
Our meeting adjourned @ 8:24 pm