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Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2007

LocationLotus Art Studio
AttendeesJudy Huestis,Candie Bliss,John Tillman,Bob Dalton,Pat Lahey,Teal Triolo,Howard Penn,Mary Carrera,Brett Patterson,Kevin Elardi,Nate Rangel,Betty Norvell,Betty Sederquist,Kari Danielson
AuthorCandy Wall

Meeting to order 6:35pm.
Treasurer reported-we have a balance.
Speaker/Mary Carrera to ran through Coloma Blues Live the 2nd annual. It will be BIG and our help is required. This year's Headliners are CoCo Montoya and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.We expect 3000 ticket holders and about 200 volunteers will be needed.
Brett Patterson the marketing director for Direct Connect internet provider handed out business cards.
Membership Deadline 2/23/07
Betty Sederquist working on Intro for our New guide,will insert Bill Center's Essay,calendar of events and more.
Easter Egg Hunt is on April 7 Saturday.
County Fair Booth for the Chamber will be manned by John T help implied and needed.
New Memebers New Members New Members for 2007 membership drive John Tillman.
Nate would like us to remember,help and attend Whitewater Media Day (June 3rd.)It will be larger and we will celebrate SMUD's relicensing also good water flows for us/outfitters.
Judy,Candie and Nate suggested getting a speaker to enlighten us on the Wild and Scenic river Status. When and who to be continued?
Adjourned at 8:40 pm