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Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2007

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesCandie Bliss,Judy Huestis,Kary Danielson,Betty Sederquist,Mari Wells,Teal Triolo,Mike Bean,Nate Rangel,Kelly Ahola,Danny Moreno, Veronica Rolinson-guest Job One and Judy Bacchi
AuthorCandy Wall

*Veronica Rolinson - Job One wanted to get the word out on it's service,Considered listing Job One in our Guide.
Nate *American River Project BlM Land Management the Executive studies. The Wild and Scenic Status and questions should be directed to BLM office Folsom/website to handle private property ownership concerns relating this.
*Judy Moved to defer discussion on affects of this to Local businesses.*Candie Bliss approved the motion.*Media Day = river activities,dovetail inquiries to Coloma.Com*Danny Moreno please attend mtg at Building C regarding the Use Permit for Coloma Theatre.Thanked the merchants for their help and Candie suggested speaking to Laurel Bumb.*Betty reminder Guide Ads and need editorials,distribution,and regional distribution,& reciprocal promotions.**Candie Bliss announced pending changes: Country Inn, the Business,her home in escrow and that Candie and Kerry will move to New York run a fishing resort in season and visit family in Ca.on the off season.A solemn wow but happy for Candie on her new adventure.Not many of us calculated the number of community things Candie covers,created,managed,networked,and all those skills to maintain a busines and life.Judy and Candie need help be ready,willing to take the baton and help with the transition.*Candy Wall volunteered to head up the Easter Egg Hunt.*Meeting adjourned at 8:45