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Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2006

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesJohn Tillman, Judy Huestis, Pat Lahey, Candie Bliss, Mari Wells, Gina Metropolus, Trey Pitsenberger, Dustin Weiland, Kathy Weiland, Randy Carpadus, Howard Penn, Teal Triolo, Bob Dalton, Betty Sederquist, Ed Mikula
AuthorJudy Huestis Acting Secretary

Call to order: 6:50PM

Approval of minutes: Motion to approve May and June minutes as written was made and seconded. Secretary's note-No Chamber meetings are held for the months of July/August as we are on break due to member businesses being in their peak season)

Treasurer's report: Beginning balance for June was $7,601.58. Expenses were $3661.46 with an ending balance on 6/30 of $3940.12.

As of July 1 beginning balance was $3940.12 with expenses of $100 and deposits of $8457.76 (Coloma Blues Live revenue and reimbursements).
Ending balance on July 31 was $12,297.28.

In August there were no deposits or expenses so the ending balance on 8/31 was the same as July.

Old Business: The Chamber would still like for Kary Danielson to build four newspaper stands so we can display Chamber papers more effectively at several business locations. Judy to follow up.

Coloma Blues Live: John T did a brief recap for those who missed the recap meeting in June.
Beer sales for the Chamber were very successful and the earnings have been earmarked (as was decided earlier) for the Chamber's involvement in the landscaping project along the widened portion of Hwy 49. Future earnings will be directed to maintenance of the landscaping and other unrelated projects, possible scholarships, etc. EDAC (El Dorado Arts Council) is submitting a request to the Planning Dept. to increase the maximum number of attendees (including volunteers, musicians, vendors, etc.) from 1999 to 3000. All agree the event was great but we all learned a few things to make it better for next year.

Olde Coloma Theatre: Dustin W. thanked Howard for having the fundraiser at The Sierra Nevada House and the additional support he gave the fundraiser to fight the county's attempt at closure. He also reported the motorcycle run to raise funds had to be cancelled due to a schedule conflict on the club's end.
Dustin asked for additional community support in the form of letter writing and calls to the county when the time comes since the battle over closure continues. Dustin will send out an email call to action when our support is needed.

New Business: Christmas Holiday Tour/Open House: Mari Wells organized the first tour last year to coincide with Christmas in Coloma and create more activities for visitors over the Christmas in Coloma weekend with the goal being to bring additional tourism to the area in the off season. She would like to eventually organize a fun run/dog walk or similar event to further increase attendance. This year's open house will be on 12/9 from 4-7PM with additional details to follow. The Open House Committee for '06 consists of Mari, Betty Sederquist, Pat Lahey, Gina Metropulos, Bob Dalton and Candie Bliss. Mari asked for an increased budget of $1000 but Treasurer Pat L. said a detailed review of the budget would be needed to allocate additional funds and no commitment to increase the budget has been made at this time. Donna needs a volunteer to input local activities and events since she has too many time constraints and also lives out of the area so is not in the loop. Howard suggested this be something the Chamber looks at as a marketing expense since the internet drives much tourism and that we create a paid position to do the work. To address the matter the Marketing Committee was revived with Howard, Mari, Randy and Betty signing on to consider the alternatives and research costs.

Roadside Litter Pick Up Day: The 4th Annual Litter Pickup Day is scheduled for 10/21 at 10AM. The format will be the same as previous years with the addition of a full lunch provided for volunteers. More info to follow via email and posters.

2007 Officers: Nominations at the next Chamber meeting. Those interested in seeking office should attend the October meeting. John indicated he will not accept a nomination for President for '07 and Judy indicated she will not accept a nomination for the Secretary position although she is willing to stay on as VP if nobody else desires the position.

Other business: John apologized for making an executive decision regarding running an ad in The Sierra Heritage magazine. A communication error and an impending deadline caused him to ok the ad without membership approval. As the ad was in the amount of $385 and considered a benefit to the Chamber by meeting attendees the apology was accepted and no further action is needed.

Outside business membership request: A business outside the Coloma Lotus Valley has requested membership. While this request is being reviewed according to verbal guidelines established by the Chamber last year, Howard suggested we put those guidelines into written form as an addendum to our bylaws. He will draft a document to present at the next meeting for membership review.

Adjourn: 9PM