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Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2006

LocationSierra Nevada House
AttendeesJohn Tillman-President Judy Huestis-VP/Acting Secretary, Pat Lahey-, Candie Bliss, Mari Wells-Coyle
AuthorJudy Huestis Acting Secretary
StatusApproved September 12, 2006

Call to Order 7:00PM

Motion made and seconded to approve May minutes at the September meeting when more of the membership is in attendance.

Treasurer's Report: As of 5/1 the account balance was $6831.41 with income of $995 and expenses of $224.83. The balance as of 5/31 was $7601.58.

Committee Reports: We have eight outstanding membership dues amounts we are trying to collect.

Coloma Blues Live: We reviewed the stats provided by Mary of EDAC. All agreed it was a great first run for this event and the Chamber hopes to have earned revenue of 4-5 thousand dollars. The final revenue split is still being worked out by EDAC.

New Business:deferred to next meeting.

Next meeting: September 12th at Coloma Country Inn 6:30-8:30.