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Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2005

LocationDavid Girard Vineyards
AttendeesJohn Tillman, Judy Huestis, Pat Lahey, Bolet Salvador, Candie Bliss, Mari Wells, Alice Butler, Marty and Kathleen Mendenhall, Tom and Susan Van Noord, Trey and Monica Pitsenberger, Marielle Faieta.
AuthorJudy Huestis
StatusApproved November 8, 2005

Call to order 6:40PM
Motion: To approve last month's minutes as written. Seconded and carried.
Treasurer's report: As of 8/31/05 we had $5,944.07 after paying for the guide reprint. We have $150 in outstanding bills. As of 9/30/05 we had $5639.67.
Currently we have four unpaid memberships from last year. John asked several members to each take a past due account and do a follow up with them.
Motion: To approve of 2006 membership form revised by Bolet. Motion was seconded but not voted upon. Lengthy discussion followed with an amended motion to refer the matter to the Membership subcommittee outside of the meeting. Motioned was seconded and carried.
Chamber Event name tags: Update deferred to next meeting.
Marshall Hospital Community Blood Drive: Candie Bliss: We need a minimum commitment from the community in order to participate. Candie will get more information and we will discuss the matter at a future meeting.
Coloma-Lotus chamber logo: Donna has designed a logo but presently there is no timeframe for universal application of the logo.
Coloma-Lotus Roadside Cleanup: October 15th 9AM-12PM Judy reported on the history of the cleanup for the new members.
New Business: Forming a slate for nominations for officers. We will nominate in November and vote in December.
Chamber member business community open house: Mari Wells 12/9 & 12/10 Any interested businesses may participate and locations may be combined. This would be a lead in to Christmas in Coloma with the idea of promoting the area as a destination for the entire weekend. Interested Chamber members may call Mari (530)295-1833. More information to follow on the CLCC email list and CL News. Motion: Chamber to support the effort by providing a budget of no more than $350. Seconded and passed.
Motion: Chamber to contribute $35 to the American River Conservancy for educational programs. Seconded and passed.
Next meeting: November 8th 6:30-8:30 Coloma Country Inn
Adjourn: 8:15PM