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Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2006

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesCandie Bliss, Judy Huestis, Pat Lahey, Mannie Shaffer, Donna McMaster, Liz Boyd, Howard Penn, Scott Chadd, Bolet Salvador
AuthorJudy Huestis
StatusApproved August 12, 2003

Call to Order

Minutes: Candie deferred the approval of past meeting minutes until the end of the meeting.

Treasurer's report: The bank balance as of 4/30/03 was $4703.59. The income for 4/1/03-4/30/03 was $916.00 with $1019.00 in checks written. The balance as of 6/30/03 was $4321.27.

Old Business

We have one new member, Lotus Bonsai Nursery and Gardens owned by Scott Chadd and Bolet Salvador. They introduced themselves and their business.

Membership update
Donna reported the brochure had been updated for errors and changes. A discussion followed regarding possible changes to the brochure format for the upcoming year. Some ideas were to add more color and "bells and whistles." Donna reminded the group we need a marketing committee to handle that project and that we still need a Membership Coordinator to take ownership of the annual membership drive and renewals, and to handle brochure distribution. Donna raised the question of whether we should raise membership dues. Since we have had no volunteers to do the administrative work associated with maintaining the brochure database we must now pay to have that work done and raising dues would be a source of revenue to cover that cost. Further discussion was deferred until later in the meeting.

Brochure discussion
It was suggested that Apple Hill would be a good area in which to expand our brochure distribution. It was agreed that the second brochure printing would be 7,000 copies.

Membership dues
In response to the suggestion of raising dues, multiple tier membership levels were suggested and will be considered. One example, a basic membership would include placement in the brochure while a higher level membership would include placement within the website as well. No decision was made but a committee was formed to consider the pros and cons. Scott Chadd was voted as Chairperson of the Budget Dues Subcommittee with Howard, Pat and Mannie serving on the committee. They will report at a future meeting.

Reflections on Coloma Fest
Candie reported the GDPA (Gold Discovery Park Association) netted $3,000 from parking fees. The Chamber netted $914.09 on beer sales and other sources. Some of the difficulty this year was due to the County Chamber giving up co-sponsorship of the event at the last minute and saying the event had been cancelled. The event is our Chamber's largest annual fundraiser so we opted to continue with the event. This year's goal was to simply break even while continuing the tradition of the event. With more notice and more marketing the event could have been more successful. The date for next year's event is June 12th, 2004. Planning for next year will begin at the next Chamber meeting.

CalTrans Update
The special Chamber meeting created a community wide "buzz" and CalTrans acknowledged the need for further study before commencement of the project.

New Business

Candie indicated she needs help with Chamber duties and proposed establishing a Vice-President position. Duties may include membership coordination and representing the President at Chamber meetings when she is unavailable.
Motion: Nominations for elected Chamber positions will be made at the October meeting with elections held at the November meeting. New positions will be effective at the January meeting. Motion seconded and carried.

County General Plan
Deadline for community comment extended to 7/15/03. The Chamber will take an official position and email it to the County.

Other Business
The 4th Tuesday of the month in August is the El Dorado County Annual Chamber Mixer to be held at The Sierra Nevada House. Members of the Coloma-Lotus Chamber are invited to attend.