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Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2004

LocationColoma Communications
AttendeesDonna McMaster, Candie Bliss, Mannie Shaffer, John Tillman
AuthorCandie Bliss
StatusApproved October 12, 2004

Called to order 7 p.m.

Approval of minutes deferred to next meeting.

Treasurer's Report:
Balance as of 6/30/04 was $5120.28. Motion to approve proposal for services by Susan Putic (Manny), second (John). Voted and passed unanimously.

Committe Reports
Membership - All 2004 dues in except BlissStick, Bemb Construction and Adventure Connection. Candi e to contact Bumb and AC. Donna to contact BlissStick.

Coloma-Lotus Guide - New guides printed and picked up. Initial distribution by Judy Huestis and Donna McMaster. Judy to manage ongoing distribution.

ColomaFest - Net deposit for CLCC $649.86. Beer donated by Howard Penn (Sierra Nevada House).

Old Business
CalTrans Hwy49 - Nothing new to report. Anticipating meeting to be scheduled with DOT soon.

American River Trail Campaign - TrailFest was a great event! ARC initial estimate over $20K! Next year request not so close to other events?

EDC General Plan - No report

New Business
No report

Other Business/Announcements

Adjourn at 7:45 p.m.