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Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2002

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesCandie Bliss, President; Donna McMaster, Treasurer; Judy Huestis, Secretary; Mannie Shaffer, Heather Brooks-Freer, Howard Penn, Bill Center, Matt Pasa
AuthorJudy Huestis
StatusApproved December 10, 2003

Call to order

Review of last month's minutes: Candie noted the following correction to the minutes: At the last meeting Chamber members voted to support the feasibility study regarding the addition of whitewater play features at Henningsen Park rather than voting to support the project itself as had been noted in the minutes. The minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer's report: Donna reported the current balance in the Treasury is approximately $3,700. Two big expenditures last month included the pancake breakfast seed money and the payment for the feasibility study.

Donna detailed the three Chamber income sources for the past two years:

1. Coloma Fest which brought in $2,100 in 2001, and $325 in 2002. The profit difference was most likely due to the high temperatures that decreased attendance last year. In order to remedy that problem the date has been moved forward to avoid high summer temperatures. Another change for the upcoming year is to plan an event with a broader community appeal by including a chili cookoff, car show and more direct involvement from the whitewater outfitters. The tentative profit projection for 2003 is $1,000.

2. Membership dues.

3. Donations for the annual Easter Egg Hunt from businesses and individual contributions.

Donna noted expenses exceed income this year but a carryover balance from last year kept the Chamber treasury from experiencing a deficit. She also noted this is the first year the Chamber has had discretionary funds to support community groups and projects.

CalTrans Main Street Letter Update: Chamber letter to CalTrans generated 10/7/02 had received no response as of this meeting. (For details of the discussion see last months minutes) Candie noted she has been trying to follow up with them to see if the appropriate party received our letter and would be responding. Bill C. noted CalTrans generally wants to work with involved community members to implement a main street program if that is the will of the community. Essentially there exists a two year window of opportunity in which the design is finalized. The next step in the process is to wait to hear back from CalTrans to see how to proceed.

Regional Promotion: A major goal of the Chamber is to look for ways to stabilize the seasonal nature of the businesses in the area. Candie put forth the idea of implementing a cooperative advertising campaign available to all Chamber Members. This type of advertising would be optional and at additional cost to the basic membership dues. A marketing committee was formed including Bill, Howard, Heather and Donna. They will be presenting ideas at future meetings.

As a sidebar, Donna noted she will make advertising space available on her site, the home site of the Chamber.

Upcoming Events: Christmas in Coloma, Sunday, December 8th from 10AM-4PM

Historic Country Inn Christmas Tour, 12/7 and 12/8

Howard passed out a flyer with upcoming events at The Sierra Nevada House.

Clunes: We are still having a difficult time matching the level of enthusiasm of our sister city Clunes, Australia. They are eager to maintain a reciprocal relationship with us but we are lacking the manpower to do so. Several suggestions were made and Mannie indicated he may be able to link the project to a Rotary Club he is establishing.

Letter to the Chamber: The Chamber received a complaint letter from Coloma resident Melody Lane regarding the Coloma Resort, a member business. She asked the Chamber to take a specified action. The Chamber will acknowledge her letter by sending a return letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

Meeting Date Change: Members voted unanimously to change Chamber meetings to the second Tuesday of the month. The next meeting is 12/10. Business matters will be kept to a minimum with a social holiday potluck to follow.

Request: The Food Bank of El Dorado County asked the Chamber to help with food donations. The Chamber discussed sponsoring a few local families instead as we have little manpower to help with collection and distribution of donations on a larger scale. The possibility of involving The Mother Lode Church was brought up with the final determination being the Chamber would prefer to support a few local families in need. Candie said she would send out an email to the Chamber list to get nominations for families who may be in need over the holiday season.


Special note:
The Chamber meeting held on 12/10/02 consisted of a brief introduction of new member/attendees followed by a social potluck. It was a very enjoyable evening and a wonderful success. No minutes were taken.