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Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2003

LocationColoma Country Inn
AttendeesCandie, Pat, Judy, Donna, Mannie, Bill, Bolet, Scott, John, Betty Sederquist and guest Mike Bean
AuthorJudy Huestis
StatusApproved November 11, 2003

Treasurer's Report: Balance as of 8/31 was $3509.25
Checks written: $335.66 Deposits: $40
End of September balance: $3213.59

Old Business: Judy and John gave a report on the trash pickup day. It was a big success with 463 pounds of garbage collected in two hours by community members. There was great support from local business sponsors; Sierra Nevada House, Sierra Rizing Bakery, Gold Hill Olive Oil Company and Sierra Disposal. John and Judy thanked everyone for participating.

Community Clamor Committee: Bill reported that Dave Martinez is doing the officiating at the meetings. They are being held to try to prioritize noise issues within the valley and decide a course of action for moderating noise. Bill noted stationary noise venues have become more of an issue for some community members over the past 3-4 years. The quiet zones on the river had been established in the 70s and 80s to deal with transient noise on the river. The main issue now is the amplified noise coming from businesses. There have been some positive steps towards communication. The Clamor Committee is an independent forum and is not supported or sponsored by any local group or organization. It is a grass roots campaign started by a few residents to deal with the noise issue.
As an aside, RMAC is currently looking for a community member at large to join the committee as well as an owner/operator of a business in the valley other than a rafting outfitter.

CalTrans: Mike reported there has been little response from the CalTrans project crew to the community input regarding the Hwy 49 widening project between the 49 bridge and Marshall Rd. A planning meeting with county personel has demonstrated our business and resident concerns about the ramifications of the project on our community have been ignored. CalTrans wants to go ahead with their original plan and is claiming exemption from CEQA, the California Environmental Quality Act. They have determined the project is categorically exempt and they plan to start the project in summer of '04. Since they are taking this course of action the public will have no right to comment or give any input into the process. As a community we need to be prepared to escalate or response and gather opposition to the project. As Chamber President, Candie Bliss stated, "This is the single most crucial issue facing our community today. Once the project is completed there is no going back."

Membership Dues and Benefits Packages Proposal:
Donna provided a handout for the 2004 dues package proposal. (Download a PDF copy of the handout.)
After a lengthy discussion and explanation of the multi-tiered membership levels a motion was made, seconded and Chamber members voted unanimously to adopt the new dues structure for 2004.

Nominations for Officer Vacancies for 2004:
Both the President and Secretary positions are available for '04. Nominations by the general Chamber membership may be made in person or at the next meeting on 11/11 at the Coloma Country Inn or via email to Donna McMaster at
Voting will take place at that meeting as well. Please attend the meeting and vote.

Color Brochure: Presentation by graphic artist Betty Sederquist. She asked for samples of glossy brochures we have seen and liked so she can incorporate those concepts into a proposal for a glossy brochure for our Chamber. The Marketing committee will meet with Betty privately to assist with the proposal.

Hotel/motel tax: Bolet explained the hotel/motel tax issue for the upcoming county election and said the County chamber will be doing a public information campaign to inform voters of the issue.