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Promoting business and community in the Coloma-Lotus Valley

About the Coloma-Lotus Chamber

Our membership consists primarily of local businesses in the Coloma-Lotus area of El Dorado County. We also welcome businesses located outside the valley if they provide services to our community and do not directly compete with Valley businesses. The local community is invited to be Associate members and participate in our community projects.

Membership has grown from 20 members in 1998 to now over 100 members. As our community is small (estimated population around 2,000), this represents a large majority of our area businesses. We are very proud of the level of participation we have achieved. (More about our Chamber history.)

Since the fall of 1998 we have published an annual printed map and business directory. Our full-color Coloma-Lotus Guide introduces visitors to the valley. For several years we've helped support the Coloma Valley and The American River web sites, providing information for visitors and community members. Our other projects include the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, and supporting the Coloma Blues Live celebration and American River Music Festival. We donate money and other assistance to local community organizations, studies, and events.

We represent our members and our community in many ways. We have a strong voice at the county level with a seat on the Board of Directors of the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce, and our issues are heard at the El Dorado County Joint Chambers of Commerce. Our visibility at this level allows us to promote our area through publications, event sponsorship, co-op exhibits and networking. We have access to information about critical regional issues, legislative analysis and more. We are heavily involved in evaluating and advising on Caltrans' Hwy 49 project, with strong support from regional and county chambers.

Meetings and Events

Members meet once a month to plan activities, allocate funds, and discuss issues that affect the local community. See our calendar for dates, times and locations. Minutes are posted online.

The calendar also lists the annual events we sponsor and other community activities.

Member Businesses

See the Coloma Valley Directory or the American River Directory for detailed information about our member businesses.

Promoting business and community in the Coloma-Lotus Valley.